If you are in search of a new game that is not only fun to enjoy thanks to the arcade game level but also tough on the brain, this new game called Katkoot from Gogy 2023 will be a good choice for your next session! Here on our website which is filled with daily-replenished games, you will have plenty of chances to dive into at least one game that you love! This new game falls into the category of puzzle games, where the players brainstorm and come up with a smart solution to the puzzle. The question in this game is how to win all levels. Even though it sounds easy, you will be surprised at the amount of tricks and thinking outside the box that you need to do.

Emerge in this holiday game with our fun puzzle platformer theme and a pixelated cartoony design. Keep your eyes on the yellow chick as this will be your main character in the game. There will be a change of layout when you proceed, as the obstacles and items on the screen change. Your job is to make sure that the chick does what is written on the screen and doesn't die along the way.

It's not easy to carry out some of the tasks as given, thanks to our unique challenge which will no doubt keep you entertained and thinking for a long time! These mini-games can be surprisingly fun and easy if you manage to think outside of the box and be smart about it. Don't follow the easy and obvious way as it's not the essence of the game. Keep exploring and trying out plenty of new genres of games such as Pet 5 Diffs or School Puzzle Book , all with no charge here at https://gogy.games/puzzle for a hilarious game time! 

Instruction to play:

Use the left mouse to move the items and interact.