Metal Army War Revenge

Metal Army War Revenge takes the players to a virtual setup at Gogy new games with futuristic-styled gameplay. As the world's defense war against the army of metal robots will continue after it has been left off, we are recruiting the top players and heroes to maneuver through this crowded jungle and defeat the enemies.

As your main mission is to reach the deepest place in the jungle, do your best to avoid the robots which are plotting something evil to prevent you from carrying out the process. Let's find out the correct path, defeat the enemies, and help our heroes in avoiding the end of the world. How good are your fighting and commanding skills? These two elements will play a huge role in the fight against new enemies using your limited list of weapons.

Start with destroying traps, dodging the attack, taking down new enemies, and rescuing captives. Pay attention to the list of weapons and the health bar on the top of the screen to keep track of your character's progress and current situation. Plenty of metallic materials you managed to collect previously will be able to be utilized for this level.

Visit the market when needed in order to unlock new weapons, equipment, and tools using your precious coins. The controlling key set for this game will be complicated, but it will bring a more complex gaming experience to both newbies and advanced players. Will you choose the single-player mode or the two-player mode? Don't forget about similar games such as Roller Coaster from too!

Instruction to play:

Move using the WASD keys, hit using the C key, throw the grenade using V key, and jump with W key.

Switch weapons using Q to E keys, and ammo reload with X keys.

Player 2 moves and jump with arrow keys, hit with L key, throw a grenade using K key, and switch weapons with O to P keys.