Temple Run Online

Temple Run Online is a very entertaining free game which you can play on gogy online games. It’s your duty to take a role of a man running on the endless road which is old and has the yellow color. Try to survive and run as far as you can to set a record in this game.

Many impediments appear on the way to stop you, so you must overcome them all to stay alive and continue running. You must act wisely to get over them safely. Your obstacles are the wooden bars, rocks, and holes and they turn up in a row. For example, make jumps to overcome the rock or the groups of rocks. When you meet a pile of stone, move to the right or left to avoid crashing it. Besides, you have to turn right and turn left at the right time to get coins and dodge obstructions in gogy games for school.

In addition to this, many higher bars prevent you and you must slide down to pass through them. Sometimes, you can see the deep hole, jump fast or you will fall into it. Acting fast and choosing the right move are important to succeed. You can see your total games, total distances, and total coins on the screen. Collect as many coins as you can to buy some powers in the shop. Moreover, you may own coin magnet lasts longer, coin x 2 after 500m, invincibility lasts longer, mega-boost to 200m and increase the number of lives.

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Instruction to play:

Use arrows to control your character.