Super Friday Night Vs Beast Guy

Dance your heart out and hit the right notes here at Super Friday Night Vs Beast Guy - our newly added game with the theme of music for the fans here at Gogy Land! It's a fabulous game with colorful graphics, joyful background sound, and the best musical song that you can enjoy to boost up the spirit! It's the second installment of the saga with more updates, new songs, and faster gameplay that will keep you hooked for a long time. The gameplay is explained from the first tutorial so that newbies can understand and emerge in the game quickly. We are looking for a musician who can play the ritual and music sheet of each song by pressing the right button.

There will be four buttons that you can hit by pressing the arrow keys. These four buttons will represent the four notes on the game screen to hit at the right time. The more keys you manage to hit precisely, the more scores you can accumulate. Let's add up more and more points to show that you are the best here at musical empathy and conducting! It's a music battle where you can showcase your talent and kick out the other opponents, so carry out the music sheet with finesse!

Can you complete all the levels and conquer even the hardest song? We are waiting to welcome the enthusiastic musician to recreate our tough song with their talents and eye-hand coordination to bring the best performance to this game! More games with diverse genres and rules such as Modern Air Warplane WW2 or Royal Siege will be available for free if you are looking for more challenges later! Here at , our game list never ends and you can always find something that suits your taste and levels of game experience!

Instruction to play:

Controls: Play with arrow keys.