Valiant Knight

The king has entrusted Valiant Knight with various challenges to collect the gold coins before he can get the princess in this game at gogy free online juegos. It is really interesting if you discover and unlock all levels of the game with his ultimate ability.


First, players will move and collect gold coins. After that, the obstacles will hinder them. Therefore, you need to move correctly, run, avoid pitfalls, smash the gold coins and earn the most stars in each level. The princess is waiting for you in front. With the different challenges of each turn, you will have to choose the most appropriate direction in this game. Therefore, you cannot miss the task and reach the highest score with the gold coins.


Each door is at the bottom of the path and you will enter that door to escape the levels most easily. keep up the exciting fighting games that suit different ages. This simple game will definitely not make the play bow. But be careful with your moves so you can collect all the gold coins that appear on the way without losing them. They can be hidden in barrels on the way and you will use your sword to break the barrels.


Some games are similar to this game that you can explore in your spare time such as Mummy Busters and Caveman Adventure. Become the only champion you can fulfill her services. Share with your friends in the princess rescue strategy. This is one of those fun quests with heroes. 

Instruction to play:

Left click to change direction, press and hold the left mouse button to run. Change the direction quickly if you see obstacles ahead