Car Eats Car: Winter Adventure

The fight for the top spot on the board filled with talented drivers is here at Gogy 2020: Car Eats Car: Winter Adventure. Are you ready and warm-up before joining this Winter version of the most famous monster truck arcade game? With the adorable and fun 2D gameplay, you will control your monster truck and conquer one race to another. Before taking up a new match, remember to visit the garage and upgrade the missing parts, purchase new ones for better horsepower and management.

Upgrading your monster truck will be the best reward that you can get using the gained coins. Your fight taking place on a dynamic highway where there will be spikes, rotating pegs, and pins, bumpy roads, holes, and other obstacles that might damage your truck and prevent you from reaching the destination. Don't let the evil cars get the upper hand or bypass you! If you can use the turbos and increase your speed at the perfect timing, you will be able to rise to the top.

However, don't hit the gas too hard or else your truck can easily be flipped over. Can you take the lead among this race against the cops and the evil cars at Our collection is filled with more sports and car racing games like Rise Of Speed and Big Pizza Delivery Boy Simulator Game for your enjoyment daily! 

Instruction to play:

Move left using WASD, move right using arrow keys for the gas and brake, X key for turbos, space to set the bombs