Martian Driving

In the future, the human might be able to live on Mars. In Gogy land, we are carrying out a secret mission to start the journey of exploring every corner of Mars. This mission needs someone who is brave enough to put the first steps on this strange planet. Your mission is to drive one of these designated vehicles around the place and overcome the challenges that pop up along the way.

The ultimate goal is to colonize the place and make it yours. Don't forget that at, you can freely pick one of the futuristic vehicles from our collection. Choose something that fits perfectly with your personality since it will be your trusty assistant in the process.

While you move around, notice the weird humanoid creatures on the planet who don't want to give up their planet. This is the part where you must fight back to claim the ownership of the place. Estimate the number and the power of these aliens and fight with all of your ability!

This fun game consists of both the exploring features and a few action highlights from the other types of games such as Bear Race and Turbosliderz, therefore, your experience will be improved! The players of all ages can join in this game thanks to its simple yet exciting nature of gameplay. What are you waiting for?

Instruction to play:

Use the arrow key or WASD to control the vehicle.