Potion Flip

In this magical castle of the witches, they are planning to cook up the most dangerous and mystical potion from many different ingredients. The final touch will be the liquid that is stored inside the purple potion bottle. Your job in this Halloween game for kids from Gogy 2020 is to make sure that the potion gets into the cauldron and successfully conquer the goal. The bottle can be flipped to the left and the right, depending on the direction that you choose.

Keep on flipping the potion to avoid crashing into the ground into the cauldron to complete each level and gain the highest scores possible. By gathering the golden stars that float around, you will be able to increase your total record. This exciting and fun Halloween game has a cartoony and amazing graphic design and vibrant colors of the season like purple, black and yellow.

Prepare yourself to hop into a bunch of different levels with different obstacles and items like the table, the shelves, bigger cauldron as well as blocks, stairs. Steer clear of all the spikes and holes that might break the potion bottle. There are chances for you to unlock new bottles with different types of potions as you progress to higher stages, but the players will have to try harder to come up with a good path.

Smart and innovative ways of figuring out the exit route will guarantee your winning chance in this game at http://gogy.games/. Come and show your amazing problem-solving techniques with other puzzle games such as Bread Pit for an enjoyable playtime. 

Instruction to play:

Click on the left or the right sides of the screen to flip the bottle. Double click to double flip and jump higher. Let's compete with your friends to see who can create the most intense potion!