Spike Rings

Dive into another famous casual puzzle game from the list of Gogy free game that is called Spike Rings. Plenty of players might have already seen or tried this game at the marts or festivals back when they were kids. This time, the creators of this game bring the virtual version with new updates to allow both adults and kids to enjoy online! There is no need to go or wait until the date of the festival.

Just one click and you can enjoy the fun with a spike ring and also a series of lines and strings on our website without any cost. The gamers will be assigned with different shapes of spike rings and changing backgrounds. Your job is to constantly click to bounce the rings up and down in order to keep it off the string. Don't let go because the ring will sag down and cut the string immediately! The moment that the spikes touch the string, the game will be over.

As you progress, the direction of the ring movements as well as the background will change. Increasing speed will be another element to keep the game harder and more challenging! Do anything that you can to prevent the ring from falling on the rope and keep the safe distance. It will not be easy since the rings keep bouncing and the strings are so thin.

Enjoy the thrill and the excitement of the game alongside more gaming selections such as Toilet Paper The Game and Dune Surfer. A free chance is given to unlock new features and more challenges to share with your group of friends during the playtime at http://gogy.games/

Instruction to play:

Press and hold the left mouse button to bounce the ring and adjust the interval while moving through the strings.