Hero Chibi

Become the cutest Chibi Hero in this Gogy free game and take a trip to learn all the best techniques for a ninja! From throwing darts, collecting coins to jumping on the blocks, you will have to master all necessary skills if you want to survive the battle of ninjas. Thanks to the side-scrolling graphics and the adventure theme that takes place on 2D game platforms, most players have a blast playing this game.

On each level, you have to move like a ninja so that you can successfully collect gold coins and yellow stars. These icons shall be scattered on the field randomly, therefore, it's important to pay attention while running and jumping. For each stage, you have a limited number of shurikens that you can launch to destroy skeletons that get in the middle of your journey. If you manage to dodge them, you will save one shuriken. It's up to you to manage the time, the lives, the shurikens, and the gold coins.

How far can you make while defeating the ugly skeletons in this game at http://gogy.games/? Your high-quality skill sets will be taken to another level after all these training sessions with specialized platforms and cool challenges. Grab your friends to explore more adorable games such as Classic Chicken Shooting and Super Hard Boss Fighter later! 

Instruction to play:

Tap on the screen or click the mouse to play.

Arrow keys to move

X key to attack.