Totemia Cursed Marbles

Totemia Cursed Marbles takes over the classic ball shooting gameplay and turns it over with an exotic totemic style to make it more unique. The main task of this Gogy 2022 online game focuses on making sure to remove the long chain of marbles from the screen before any of them hit the edge. Once you hit the start button, this chain of marbles will start inexorably rolling towards the final chamber.

The speed will increase and the chain of marbles accelerates when the players progress to the middle of the game. Use the given colored marbles and shoot at the chain. For any set of two similar-colored balls, you will be able to gain scores and remove those stuck similar-colored ones off the board. The goal is not only to hit a set of two marbles but also to try and gather longer chains of three or more.

Keep making the marbles disappear and try using the power-ups, special boosters, swap marbles, and lots of other bonuses to create combos. Accurate shooting and a good strategy to take advantage of the given colored balls will be the two most important elements in winning the game.

Demonstrating your techniques when it comes to arranging the balls wisely on the chain. Keep in mind that any move that you made with the previous balls will turn out to be related to the latter. For more similar ball games such as Pet Idle, don't forget to check out the newly added list for both boys and girls here at! Such a colorful animation and creative design will be a thrill to share with your friends during playtime!

Instruction to play:

Click on the left button and move the mouse cursor to choose the shooting direction.