Football Juggle

Are you looking for an addicting football freestyle skill game? Then, Football Juggle is a great option for you. Instead of requiring you to score as many times as possible like other football games at, it challenges you with a ball juggling challenge. Here, your main objective in each level is to juggle the ball with the number of times required. Your football player stands still but you can move his legs freely. It’s insanely hard, though.

Your goal in the first level is 5 times and in the second level is 10 times. The number of times that you have to juggle the ball increase as you level up and at level 6, you can unlock the Challenge mode. Juggling seems to be difficult at first but you can become a master of juggling the ball by practicing. Yes, the key to absolute success is to practice, practice, and practice. Here at gogy sport games, failing several times in the beginning is nothing.

The more you practice, the better you juggle a ball. Click on the ball above the player’s head and start juggling. Don’t let the ball touch the floor. Otherwise, the game ends. Unlike in real life, the ball won’t bounce when it drops. While it descends at the player’s stomach level, you should kick it back up into the air. Keep the kick controlled and try your best to kick the ball straight up in the air.

You can kick the ball with 2 legs. You can customize the background and your player with several options that the game offers. Good luck and enjoy your gaming time here. After conquering all challenges and levels here, let’s deal with new ones in other games such as Penalty Kick Target and Crazy Dunk.

Instruction to play:

Controls: Mouse.