Impulse Ball 2

Control the impulsive movement of the ball is not an easy feat here in the second version of Impulse Ball 2, but we guarantee that you can defeat any challenge thrown at you! This is a new Gogy game 4 kids with multiple maze settings and a different layout for the ball hitting. Your task is to hit the balls to the assigned hole with coordinated colors. If you hit the red ball to the blue hole, it's incorrect so you will lose a score!

While bypassing the maze, be prepared for various obstacles such as the thorns. These spiky items in the form of thorns will be able to destroy any of your colored balls with one touch. This means that you should estimate the ball's movement carefully. Keep in mind that the number of obstacles will increase following your current level. The players will go head to head with a huge number of white balls-enemies, which are huge barriers on your journey to pass the mazes.

A list of 45 amazing levels is here for you to explore and demonstrate a glimpse of your talents when it comes to dealing with the harder layout of ball lines in this game. At first, you might find the setting of holes and balls looks like a golf setting, however, the bounciness of the ball will be different.

If you hit the ball off the wall, it will bounce. To understand the physics and the bouncing laws of the balls, you will need to utilize your understanding from experience. Don't miss out on a single ball and perform your best hit here at! Plenty of ball games with arcade themes such as Ocean Bubble Shooter can easily be added to your favorite basket! 

Instruction to play:

Drag and hold to hit the ball, release to shoot.