Pawn Boss

Negotiating skills and pricing techniques will get you far in this game of sell and purchase called Pawn Boss - a Gogy new game online. If you love running your individual business and want to practice, learn the work of a pawn shop with this interactive game will be perfect for you! The best dealer will be able to make a ton of virtual coins using the technique of upselling and reselling.

Your job is to gather the pieces that your customers bring and buy them at a reasonable price. If you happen to buy counterfeits or the stolen objects, you will lose money to the cops or the clients, so avoid that at all costs. In this thrift shop of yours, there are multiple types of items that are brought for sale, ranging from arts, paintings, phones, jewelry, statues, and others. Learn how to check the items and make the decision on whether to buy them or not.

Once the items are yours, polish them and you can resell them for 20% higher than the price that you paid for them. The only problem is to distinguish between the authentic and the fakes, so be careful as you can be fooled by experienced customers at Your business can thrive if you get through many days of operation with increasing profits, therefore let's start the work immediately!

A tip for you is to take a look at the vetting screen and read all info on the items before selecting them. Should there be an alert for stolen or fake, you should abandon the items and move on to the next. Come to more mind games like Draw Knife and run your business from your cozy home anytime! 

Instruction to play:

Choose the items and interact using the mouse cursor.