Oganesson Nucleus Og-342

How good you are when dealing with the atomic nucleus? Let's test your knowledge and memory with this new Gogy fun game: Oganesson Nucleus Og-342! The key to conquering this interesting magic cube game is to build the atomic nucleus by placing the protons and neutrons to their right places. For the beginners, we will provide a detailed explanation to you.

The game has a 7x7x7 cube structure that comes with 118 protons and 224 neutrons in total. You can see that the red cubes will represent protons, while the blue ones are neutrons. Your job is to take a full look at the model of the whole piece at first, then break it down and rebuild the exact same one. This will require your precise memory to deal with a complicated structure with many layers.

You can keep check of the real-time nuclear value using the line on the top left part of the screen. Use the split and merge features at gogy online Games for kids to show the layers one by one and fill them. Remember that you will have to fill all 7 layers while matching the total value of the atomic nucleus. There will be some rules that you should keep in mind to successfully place the pieces.

For example, the protons surface distribution rules and the neutron inner layer distribution rules are two important ones. Let's test your knowledge with other equally challenging games like Yahtzee and Drag N Merge!

Instruction to play:

Double click to open a layer. Single-click to place a particle on the blank space.