21 Blitz

The rules of 21 Blitz is not very difficult to understand, therefore, it's one of the famous card games at Gogy kid collection. Let us guide you through this newly-added card game with 2 decks. The goal is to use the given cards, the cards that are on your hands and new ones to win by collection the most. When you hold a set of cards that have a total score of 21 within 4 steps, you can win.

First, you need to come up with a strategy to arrange the cards that you have already possess. Move your card to the deck according to your strategy to remove the unnecessary ones yet avoid leaving too many in the trash. Keep calculating your number of cards and their scores to think ahead of the other players and know which step you need to take next. Luck is also one of the elements that will contribute to your success in this game. It's a fun card game with smooth design, exceptional graphics and brings the players exciting time without having to deal with too much pressure. Can you collect the cards and show your mastermind behind those moves?

Beware of special cards or high-score ones! Keep enjoying tons of card games with different rules and structures such as Mahjong Sweet Easter and Ludo Superstar Game from our website at http://gogy.games/

Instruction to play:

Choose and move the cards using the left mouse button.