Tales Of Crevan

Tales Of Crevan brings a new adventure for the fans of this theme with the most elaborated storyline alongside the small cute squirrel. Your job in this online game from the list of Gogy 2022 online will be to help our poor squirrel to find the way back to his beloved family and reunite with the family member. The road that he has to take now to get back to his family will be one that is fraught with tons of traps, monsters, obstacles, and lots of larger animals.

To make sure that it's not affecting your squirrel's trip, you will need to help him to avoid the obstacles and get to those places safely. Either you steer clear from the troubles the moment you see them, or you jump and dodge them when they show up randomly. Know the situation and learn when you need to stay alert. If there are too many enemies approaching, you can resolve to hide in an unseen position on the map.

Keep in mind that smaller animals and supporters that you gather along the way will help boost the squirrel's power for the next journey. The kids will gather some significant skills when it comes to general arcade skills, movement control techniques, and lots of fun while being on the run! Different terrain shall pop up on different types of levels to keep it harder for players and make it challenging for someone who would want the 1st ranking on the Leaderboard.

Let's see how you will demonstrate your skills when it comes to dodging any danger, fully preparing for the new obstacles, and becoming the best at gathering boosters. Other similar gaming options such as Merge Dreams will be the best as the new additions to your collection here at https://gogy.games/, so check them out! 

Instruction to play:

Move and change the direction using the arrow keys.