Neighbor Alien

Neighbor Alien will challenge your arranging skills and strategic techniques, especially when it comes to the set of multi-color pieces of alien. The game is all about puzzling and sliding the pieces to their right positions. The game will record your result as correct when you manage to make the same color aliens steer clear of each other. As long as they do not adjacent to each other, you can move onto the next.

However, this is quite a challenging game due to the large number of possible moves that a player can come up with. Not only will you have to make sure that the pieces with one color are fixed but you also have to check out for other colors as well. It might be tough for first-timers. The newcomers will have to calculate all possibilities and keep on moving, sliding, and choosing the next positions if the overall layout doesn't work as you thought.

Thanks to the hilarious faces on each alien piece, the players can freely enjoy the fun of switching them back and forth and arrange the set. Beware for the blocks with chains since they can't be moved. You can only arrange the pieces that are around it and make the effort to consider all elements that might contribute to the setting. If you fail to arrange accordingly, the level will not end. The game will take your arrangement skills to the next level with lots of daring levels and great graphic design!

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Instruction to play:

Click and drag the left button to move the alien pieces to the next positions.