Stickman Archer Adventure

Shooting game is always one of the most sought-after genres from the collection of newly added games from Gogy games 2021. Would you like to tackle a game of Stickman Archer Adventure to see for yourself how good it feels to shoot tentatively in this online game?

Like most other shooting gaming experiences, the game emphasizes the usage of one version of the weapon, which is the combination of classic bows and arrows. You will find the way to become the best archer by shooting at a swinging hangman. The catch here is not to shoot at him, but at the rope on top of him instead.

Once you manage to make the stickman fall down the stars and capture them, you can go on to the next levels with the gained number. Of course, the limited number of moves and arrows will take the difficulty of the game up a notch as players need to think carefully to avoid wasted moves. Get ready to hit the road and showcase the ability to aim precisely without being affected by the constantly swinging motion of the rope.

Make sure that you go to the store to purchase upgrades so that your archery power bar can be filled up after each stage! In case you fail a mission, you will need to re-encounter the mission to complete it in a better result. The best archers get their names listed on the Leaderboard at for having able to overcome the most difficult stages, would you like a spot as well? Challenge your techniques and learn the tips to hit the rope faster with more games like  or Stolen Museum: Agent XXX.


Instruction to play:

How to play: Select the speed and move the arrows using the left mouse button or by tapping on the tablet.