Cannon Hero

Shooting games have never failed to bring the fun to the player's playtime. Should you like this type of category, don't hesitate to check out Cannon Hero, a new rocket launching game. In the game, you will be in charge of controlling the main character and his movement. The goal is to aim properly and shoot down the enemies on the top of the pole.

Despite the simple rule and gameplay, this Gogy game comes with cool graphics, smooth transition and a large number of levels for free. Moreover, it's also a turn-based game with a pixelated theme, which means that for each level, you only have one chance to take your shot. When you decide to start shooting, the cannon moves automatically from the bottom to the top. It only stops when you choose to, therefore, at the beginning of the game, it might take a while to adjust and estimate the perfect timing.

The gist of the game at is to choose the right moment to launch the rocket and hit your enemy. Avoid failing at all cost or else your character will be killed. As you progress to the higher levels, not only the number of enemies but the speed of the cannon also increases to make it more challenging to win. After this, why don't you check out more games such as Hop Quest and Flappy Cat as well? 

Instruction to play:

Click or tap on the screen to start moving the cannon and release to shoot.