Bike Trials: Wasteland

Bike Trials: Wasteland is a thrilling racing game on gogy best games. It’s time for you to explore the desolated landscapes full of traps, gaps and ramps by the modern vehicles. Show off your driving talent and perform many eye-catching stunts to finish line as fast as you can.

Choose the online mode of the racing game if you want your result to be save online or local mode to allow your progress to be stored in your PC. Then, select one of a variety of the latest vehicles. We prepare you plenty of motorbikes with diversified styles and designs. For example, you can see the red 2-wheel transport or the blue 3-wheel one. Besides, the different vehicle has a different speed and I advice you that you should try and discover them all.

What are you waiting for? Speed up and rule the racetrack right now. There are many traps in front of you with a thick density, so you must pay the highest attention if you don’t want to cause an accident. Watch out the high hills, the large rocks or the big wheels! Try to balance well when you catch these barriers, otherwise, you can fall down and lose your life.

Try best to conquer a series of stunt challenges in 20 wasteland levels one by one. In addition, the required distance for each level is different. For intances, level one request you to go 309 meters to complete the mission.

There are many checkpoints on the line, as you fall you can start at the nearest checkpoint to save your time. The time is counted on the screen and you will gain the highest score with the least time. Avoid perishing by braking at the right time and balance the motorbike all the time.

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Instruction to play:

Use arrows or WASD to control the mortorbike.