Cricket World Cup

Cricket is one of the most popular sports at Gogy games 2019. Join the competition for the best scores in the Cricket World Cup and bring home the winning title. This online game selection brings a combination of a cool cricket game and a great simulation feature. You will choose your own nationality, then build your own team filled with your desired players.

This team will be the way for you to enter the World Cup for the last competition to claim the title of the international champion. In order to get the top spots, you need to accomplish all the task on each round. Your player has to hit the balls which are shot towards your direction. There are three wickets equalling three errors for you. If you fail more than three times or fail to achieve the overall number, your team is considered to have lost the match.

At, we encourage you to add the target score within a specific amount of balls. It's the way to know how many balls you need to hit perfectly. Challenge yourself with these three different game modes to put your technique and skills to train as well. Can you manage to win match after match against these tough teams?

Beware of the angle of the bat and the ball's flying path to pick the best timing and direction to hit. There are some other good games for the fans of sports such as Rugby Kicks and Super Boxing

Instruction to play:

Use the mouse to play.