Monster x Sushi

The art of matching monsters has just become a bit more romantic with our newly added gameplay of Monster x Sushi from Gogy Land, the place where monsters can find their true love from the preferences of sushi! You will become the sole matchmaker in this game who is in charge of making sure that each monster finds its other half. Using the preferences of sushi and personalities, the players will be able to set up the date for monsters.

It's all about how you utilize a little bit of information to make it work! Feel free to interact before setting up the date, from chatting with them, sending them gifts, picking more than one, and going on dates with them. There's nothing hard to understand in this game and it belongs to the list of easy and simple games that you can enjoy anytime with an internet connection. As you progress, you might be able to unlock more sushi types and monsters from the in-game store. Don't forget to discover their stories and roam through the secrets to have fun with the storyline!

It's an elaborately designed game where you can also customize your character's outfit, change items and avatars, and share your progress with your online friends. Easy gameplay with an intuitive interface, embedded with colorful characters and lovely animation, will surely capture your attention for a good time here at Are you ready to have fun matching this adorable sushi and lovely monsters? Read through the witty dialogue to have fun with their love story as well! Tickle your taste buds and spice up the game time with more similar themed games such as Super Friday Night Vs Beast Guy or Robot Evolution, all available for free!

Instruction to play:

Use the mouse to interact and choose the items to match.