Save The Coal Miner

Diamonds, minerals and gold pieces are the goals in all mining games, but in this Gogy kid game called Save The Coal Miner, the rules are entirely different. As the miner tried to dig down too deep to find valuable resources, he can't go back to the land safely without your help. Right now, he is on the highest platform, surrounded by the scattered explosives that will blow up at the slightest touch.

Be gentle while dealing with those and find a way to go back to the start. It's not easy as you will have to click on the specific platforms to break them and create a clear path for each level. A life is lost if you touch the dynamite, but a combo of two consecutive successful stages will give you an extra.

Use those hard-earned chances wisely to extend the period of the level and discover more paths to the destination! Once all 5 lives are gone, the game at is over and your scores are computed. Pay attention to the arrangement of the platforms and the blocks to figure out which one should be broken first.

If you are a beginner, we recommend that you should slowly test out the chosen route steps by steps to avoid slipping off or blowing up. Go off with different games from other sections for a refreshing experience such as Robot Police Iron Panther and Big Game Hunting

Instruction to play:

Use the left mouse to choose and break the platforms.