Rope Wrapper

A brand new game from Gogy 2022 with the name of Rope Wrapper will capture your attention thanks to the colorful graphics, dynamic gameplay, as well as the list filled with diverse stages! Let's see if you can successfully conquer different levels one by one regardless of the difficulty range or the number of obstacles! The overall goal of this game will be to take advantage of the physic law in order to gather all items as shown on the game screen.

The more you manage to grab in one turn, the higher your score will be. However, since the rope fluctuated depending on how you picked the starting and ending points, it's all about selecting a suitable area. In order to get all the balls and succeed in making them touch each other, you need to draw the rope surrounding them. There will be a dotted guideline for the first few stages to assist newbies in understanding how they can win the levels.

Once you have mastered it, practice drawing the rope on your own! When the players have finished drawing the rope, it shall begin to shrink at its ends, which pushes everything inside it closer. The highlight of the game lies in the intricate map where different obstacles are placed randomly and scattered around the balls.

Beware of the blank space and estimate correctly to capture the most precise area filled with valuable items! Here at, the list of new games is updated on a daily basis to bring tons of fun moments and thrilling gaming experiences to you! Try out some famous gaming options such as Erase One Element or Halloween Lines Saga with your friends whenever you have the time! 

Instruction to play:

Draw the rope using the mouse cursor or use the touchpad on mobiles/ tablets.