Airplanes Puzzle 2

It's time you start over with the second version of Airplanes Puzzle 2! More than just ordinary puzzles in the first version, this new choice will bring a new set of 6 images for you to challenge your ability. The goal is the same. You need to take a close look at the original picture, then the game will swap the pieces up.

Use your memory of the overall picture to put the scattered pieces to their right places. Since this Gogy puzzle game has the main theme as the airplane, all of the images you are going to see will be about them! Can you keep your brain sharp enough to bypass all the levels of difficulty?

First, choose the number of pieces that you would like to solve. From16 pieces, 36 pieces, 64 pieces to 100 pieces, we recommend that you pick the suitable one with your skills. Advanced players can go with the hardest mode to improve their techniques, while beginners can choose the easier ones for practicing. Whichever you choose, the fun awaits you! If you can't progress due to some hard pieces, just use the hints. However, there is a limited number of hints, so use them wisely.

The more pieces there are in the picture, the longer it will take for the players to solve. This game will test your patience in solving problems as well. Try out more puzzle games which are updated daily such as Folding Blocks  and Ralph Breaks The Internet Jigsaw at

Instruction to play:

Use the mouse to solve the puzzles.