Helicopter Escape

The hostage will try to run towards your helicopter in this rescue mission in Gogy land, but she is chased by the crowds of dangerous enemies! Help the lady get to the chopper safely by shooting the running targets in Helicopter Escape. Not only will you have fun with a blasting time, both literally and figurately, but you will also get to enhance your nerve and focus on this game.

The task of shooting the enemies while keeping these crowded teams at bay will not be easy. Keep your eyes on the lady and the parameter of a few meters around her. In case any enemy gets too close, it's time for you to shoot at that one immediately. There will be some objects that you can utilize or take advantage of for the best results. A large blast or explosion can be caused by shooting at the scattered can of gas.

This will sabotage the enemies faster and cause more damages! Keep the maximum shots and use your firepower to shoot until the lady jumps on the chopper successfully! In case there are many lanes of enemies approaching, you need to estimate and decide which lanes pose more threat to eliminate that one first. One wrong estimation and the lady will get caught!

Don't let your work go in vain and keep your eyes on the red alert when the enemies got too close. Tons of other shooting games with a variety of targets, ranging from animals, soldiers, enemy's base, to the simple darts and arrows, are here at https://gogy.games/ for free! Go ahead and pick one among the most famous games that you can find here such as Summon the Hero to enjoy them! Grab your rifle to prepare for annihilating those enemies!

Instruction to play:

Click to aim and shoot at the targets.