Secret Laboratory

Secret Laboratory is a multiplayer horror game which you can play for free on gogy 2018 games for kids. This fun first-person shooter game brings you to a laboratory full of deadly mutated test subjects. In this fearful area, you must be brave and make full use of your fighting skills to eliminate all the enemies and save yourself.

Many crazy scientists had performed a range of dangerous and deadly tests on their subjects. As the result, these scientists make a mistake and the samples turn into the vicious and mutated creatures. Your duty is to prevent them causing damages by killing them.

In the beginning, you have 10 seconds to get ready, pick up the weapons and bullets on the ground of gogy games for kids. Act fast to receive the first wave of foes. After eliminating the first wave, move around the laboratory to find out these harmful characters. You can find any weapons and equipment on the ground such as the shotguns, sword, machine gun and so on to help you destroy the subjects. These awful creatures are very strong, they run fast toward you and attack you. Try your best to shoot at their heads to kill them faster.

You can see your health status on the left of the screen. It is 100 at first and it goes down as you get injured. You lose your life when it decreases to 0.

One of the attractive things is that the game has 3D graphics which let you immerse yourself into a real deadly world. Try your best to survive and complete your duty.

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Instruction to play:

Use WASD or arrow keys to move the soldier, F to pick-up item, R to reload, Left click to shoot, C to switch view, Spacebar to jump, and Ctrl to crouch.