Super Portal Maze 3D

How good are your problem-solving and critical thinking skills? Let's help this stickman from Super Portal Maze 3D to find the correct path and portal to escape each stage. What better way to spend your holiday season than playing a ton of fun games with 3D graphics in a warm room?

This Gogy game is filled with a multilevel block maze and your job is to get out of the block maze with the stickman in one piece. If you can't find the correct portal that the guy can dive into for each level, you will be hitting the spiky blocks and the game ends. There will be only one of the two flags that brings you the suitable outcome of getting out of the stage as one of them is the correct portal.

What you need to do to select it correctly is to estimate the path that the outcome portal will lead you towards. If your path leads to the flag, it's the right portal to pick. If otherwise, the spiky blocks will make you fail the stage, therefore, make sure to spend time to observe and decide on the right one. A total of ten different levels will be available for you to explore as well as a wide range of updating challenges to increase the difficulty.

The maze gets bigger when you approach higher stages and it's harder to spot the right path quickly due to the increase in tiles number. Use your observation properly and spend time to estimate before making any rush move. A long journey requires some good skills and endurance for the best results! Continue with more fun adventure games such as Drunken Boxing 2 at

Instruction to play:

Controlling keys: Click on the portal to make the character move into it.