Bounce Ball 3

All the thrilling sensation and freedom that you can feel while bouncing up and down will be in Bounce Ball, which is our brand new Gogy arcade game! It's an endless game that you can share with your friends. Not only does this game have an astonishing 3D art animation in effect but it also brings the most addictive gameplay. You will find yourself addicted to the bouncing of the ball after a few turns.

Your job in this game is to control the direction of a bouncy ball to gather the glowing rings on the road. As a mechanism of this game, your ball will not stop bouncing, therefore, the only thing that you need to pay attention to is the direction and the edge. Only until you miss the hoops or fall at the edge of the road will the ball stop to signify a stop. Don't let go of any incoming hoops!

If you manage to jump right into the center of the perfect hoop, bonus points will be yours. Moreover, there will be tons of green gems that float on the ring. These will play the crucial parts in generating your bonus scores, so keep this in mind. It's such an easy-to-understand rule yet the game at gogy games is pretty hard to master.

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Instruction to play:

Use the left and right arrow keys for any interaction.