Mini Stilts

Hop up and down with this blobby piece of Mini Stills in our new retro-styled game from Gogy online games! This is the land where you get to explore a wide range of mazes, scattered in different areas with different layouts alongside the cute blob character. The final goal of his in all stages shall be to capture the delicious candies! Your job is to maneuver the movement and control the stilts.

These stilts are helpful and they can be detached or attached any time that you wish. When attached, the character can get to the higher platform or avoid the obstacles on the ground. When detached, you can move over the low-ceiling places or swiftly move through the tiny gaps. Keep the game going and gather more energy to surpass barriers, obstructions, evade enemies, and reach the position of the candies at all costs!

Keep in mind that the control of this main character is quite easy as you just need to click to add or detach the stilts. However, it's the timing that is of the essence. Don't forget that if you fail to use them at the right time, you might be hit by the fire, the spiky enemies, or the other moving objects and barriers.

How well can you maneuver not only the movement but also the timing of the stilts to conquer all the stages in this game at Keep your eyes on the next obstacles to see what's coming next and adjust your character accordingly! Feel free to tap on some other new games like Grand Bank: Robbery Duel with the hyped gameplay and cool graphics for your hours of enjoyment! 

Instruction to play:

Use the C key,

left mouse button,

or spacebar to activate the stilts on PC,

tap on the mobile screen to play.