Waterguns.io is a beach arena shooter which is playable gogy io game. Go to the beach and join the latest battle royal game. The sun is so hot that you can not stand even in the shade. The only bearable place is water. And when the lake or swimming pool is not near than water guns are enough. Enjoy a wet fight in a massive game, where everyone wants to be the best.


In this wet at gogy games unblocked, blocky multiplayer shooter, you're on a beach arena surrounded by people who want nothing more than to soak you with waterguns! Find your opponents on a large beach and shoot them with the water gun. Destroy all opponents and get as many points as possible. Be the first in the table to convince your opponent that you are the best and the most dreaded. 


Practice and master your tactics in warfare, although it is only water this battle is the most important that you will ever take part in in your life! Get to the top of the leaderboard by being the number one soaker, or just get soaked! Good luck!


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Instruction to play:


Use the WASD or arrow keys to control the movement

Left mouse button to shoot

Right mouse button to use the shield