One Escape

Get the criminal out of prison in this game of One Escape - the new gaming option for kids who love a bit of adventure incorporating a puzzle game. You will help the criminal move from one platform to another while trying to escape the chase of the guards and get out of this prison. He has been imprisoned in this large dungeon at Gogy land where each level comes with a different layout.

Do your best to get a grip of all stage's maze and find out the shortest path and safest one to get the man out of prison. There will be a lot of unlocked levels that are constantly updated with the new layout, harder gameplay, more rules, and tons of surprises that you will find here. Get your character out of the prison as soon as possible and don't forget that the path to escaping shall change depending on the levels that you are on.

Plenty of prisonbreak might occur just to get him out of one level, so we recommend the newbies to learn how to get used to changin scenarios and background. Tons of other games have similar rules like this one. If you have some time, would you like to check out the games like Eliatopia or Towerland from later?

Choosing the perfect timing to jump will be a crucial task of this escape mission. If you manage to jump faster and higher, your scores shall be on top rankings of the board for sure! Continue to explore the online gaming world by yourself or by sharing with some other friends as well! We welcome the players of all ages to join this quest to explore their inner escaping genius!

Instruction to play:

Jump using the J key, move around using the A and D keys.