Cinderella Match 3D

Sorting the shoes scattered on the ground in this game of Cinderella Match 3D will not be an easy feat due to the random placement of different shoe pieces on the board. Dive into this item matching game from Gogy games 4 kids 2022 where the players are required to not only match the shoes of the same patterns but also to put them on the right rack. You will be surrounded by tons of well-designed and trendy shoe pairs on the stand once you start exploring this gaming option.

Take a quick look around the platform to keep track of available brands, styles, and colors before starting to match. Don't forget that the final step to end the level is to sort them onto the rack with proper distributions. Feel free to roam the collection filled with polished pairs of sneakers, boots, high heels, flat shoes, and plenty of other designed shoes dispersed on the ground of your platform!

As the challenge includes more than one level, do your best to unlock as many stages as possible by gathering matching shoe pieces. Once you manage to find Cinderella's foot, it's time to showcase your arranging skills with the toughest levels to come. Feel free to test your observation, and quick eye-hand coordination with other freely available games like World's Hardest Challenge Fill Fridge, all shared for you and your friends here at!

Enjoy this game for girls with the most creative theme ever available whenever you have some free time! You can match the pairs of shoes using their patterns, color schemes, stylings, and models. Let's see how many brands of shoes you will be able to recognize and memorize through this unique gameplay exclusively created for kids! 

Instruction to play:

Click the left button and drag-drop shoes to match.