Rublox Space Farm

Rublox Space Farm features a small farmer who is desperately in need to collect the food for his farm when the food is all scattered around the place. To wipe off the platform from the scattered food, don't miss out on any piece that looks like the collectibles. Use the swift movement as well as the wisdom to help the man in this Gogy free game move along with the blocks, dodge the hidden walls, and find the route out and dead-ends while gathering as much food as possible.

The game takes place in space, therefore, you will find tons of obstacles on this farm like space monsters, dangerous objects, and enemy robots. Once they spot you in the alley, they will start shooting at you with full force. Make sure that you steer clear of their spots or hide from their shooting range once they start blasting the bullets.

Keep in mind that the objective of the game is to reach the furthest base with the most scores or number of lives available. The more lives you can retain, the more chances you have for higher levels with harder challenges in the latter part of the game.

Arriving at the gate safely is one thing, being able to secure the top count of gathered food will be one tough task for kids who are newbies. Another thing to remember while exploring this game and figuring out how to successfully secure your position on the Leaderboard from is the essence of time! Race against the clock in other fast-paced and time limited games with no costs such as Millionaire Trivia Quiz.


Instruction to play:

Move using the WASD keys or the arrows.

Jump using the spacebar.

On mobiles and tablets, interact using the touchpad.