Circlix: Physics Puzzle

In this realistic game of 2D puzzles called Circlix: Physics Puzzle, the kids will have to learn how to take advantage of the most basic elements that affect your daily life, which will be gravity and air pressure. The challenge here in this Gogy puzzle game is that you need to drop the circles from the white box and make them reach the black box. On each level, you will find that the black box has different numbers embedded on it. What does this number represent?

The kids have to collect several circles that equal such numbers in order to move onto the next level. The only way to make it possible is to draw up white lines connecting one place to another so that the circles can roll to their rightful places. The work of teleporting circles using only lines will not be easy since you have to either move through multiple portals or bypass different blocks and shapes. The bigger the shapes, the harder it is to pass by them.

Try it out with the first few levels to get used to the mechanism and the way the Circlix moves. As you progress, you will find that not only one block of a target can show up in a level. Sometimes, you will have to deal with two, three, or more blocks that need filling up.

There is no limitation on time so feel free to spread the creative mind and come up with a method like no other before to solve the mystery. Should you want to challenge yourself and make it a bit harder, try to think of the way to use the least lines yet still manage to reach the checkpoints. Cover more scores with other puzzles and quizzes like Slime Maker or Kitty Blocks from the list on our website

Instruction to play:

Click, drag, and release to draw a line.