Collect Rings

Collect Rings is no ordinary game like other ball games that you have experienced. This Gogy ball game has a special mechanism and unique gameplay that will be quite exciting for players who haven't tried it out. You will find a game screen filled with squares from the top of the game. The goal is to wait until the white ball moves through all the squares. After each passing, the squares change color.

Once the ball passes a square five times, it will turn into a ring that you can collect. Make sure that you notice all the rings so that you can collect them on time. If you let the white ball collides with the new red balls, the game will be over. This requires the players to stay focused and move their hands flexibly to catch up with the ball's motion. The players should try to gather more rings before their level ends.

Once you tap on the red balls, they transform into rings for you to grab. Let's see if your speed and pacing can go up against these bouncy white balls! The cool thing about this game is not only this special rule but also lies in its minimalism design. The details are smooth and well designed to make the experience with the game better for kids of all ages!

This is the type of game that both adults and kids can enjoy after working and studying hours for the satisfaction of flipping over the tiles! Would you like to see if you can break your last record and continue bumping up your scores even more? Don't forget that we have a bunch of other equally fun games like Princess Dirty Home Changeover and Hydro Storm 2 from the website at for you to dive into later!

Instruction to play:

Instructions: Click on the red balls and the rings to collect.