Resolve A Math Game

We welcome all the math lovers to this game of Resolve A Math Game from the collection of Gogy 2022 online game with the tough yet fascinating quizzes of mathematics. This game shall test your ability to crack the easy and hard equations with the given numbers. Not only is it a good educational game for kids who are learning math but it also has a fun and amazing graphics that you can enjoy.

Challenge your resolving techniques and conquer the challenges at once! There are some equations shown on the screen with some blanks in them. In order to clear one stage, you need to make sure that these unfilled equations are all equally filled with correct set of numbers to make it work. Choose from the list of given number and align the group of numbers that can create one equation.

Link them together and you can complete the equation immediately! Even though it sounds easy at first, you will find the challenge quite confusing when there're too many numbers and blanks in one stage. Test your math daily as this game comes with unique daily new challenges and more than three thousand levels that you can freely explore. More than 30 packs are available for you to conquer and gather!

Let's see how many set of three stars you can make out of such a game. The achievement that you can unlock will be recorded into your final result and push your position up to the top! Be prepared for more challenges to come in other puzzle games such as Wordscapes, all available with no cost and for all boys and girls at!

Instruction to play:

Click and drag the left button to connect the numbers to make an equation.