Summer Beach Spa Day

The best way to end the summer is to create the best memory with a day lying and relaxing on the beach of Summer Beach Spa Day! It's the only chance in Gogy girl games where you can freely have fun with these lovely girls: Clara, Mia, Sophia, along with Bella. There will be tasks and tips as well as requirements to satisfy the customers by giving the best service possible. For the whole day, you will show off the talent of managing and service in this gorgeous spa.

Carry out the tasks one by one, from creating the bathtub filled with lotion and bath bombs to preparing the unique therapy. Also, keep in mind that each girl will have different requirements for therapy, therefore, customize the service to suit each of them. Don't forget that the first important step is to help them to take a bath and become squeaky clean. After cleaning with soap, it's time to soak with lots of warm water and get rid of the dirt. Another task that you might be required to complete is to help them gain back confidence by removing the body hair.

Last but not least, complete the procedure with fabulous swimsuits, bikinis, outfits, or accessories to make the final results stand out. In the end, will you be able to deliver the most satisfying results and the best experience for your customers while they are being in this salon at It's a final great chance to bathe in the warm sun before the beautiful autumn comes.

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Instruction to play:

Click and drag the left button to control and interact.