Dalgona Memory

Dalgona Memory will be the next spin-off game from Gogy unblocked that you can enjoy if you are a fan of this famous movie. It's one of the trendiest currently, so we decided to add a new game to satisfy the fans of this movie and bring a ton of fun playing with dalgona. Have you been familiar with the dalgona boxes? These are the sugar-based sweets from Korea with different shapes such as Star, Hexagon, Circle, and even in the shape of the Umbrella.

Your job in this game will be to make sure to match the pairs of dalgona boxes that have similar shapes inside them. Depending on the number of pairs that you select from the beginning of the game, the level will generate that specific number of pairs for your search. Flip over the dalgona boxes one by one to figure out which one comes with the correct shapes.

Sometimes, it takes a few flips to specify the pair that you want to remove from the board. Take the time and memorize the positions of the shapes that have been shown on the screen to get the pairs in the least moves. If you can reduce the number of moves taken, you will be the best player in this game online!

The game automatically moves to the next levels with more pairs once you finish your chosen level and difficulty range. The choice of pairs varies from 2 to 8 pairs in one stage depending on your choice, therefore, feel free to select the one that suits your taste and ability! Don't forget that there are plenty of new games with different and unique genres for kids that you can tap on such as Impostor Hook from https://gogy.games/!


Instruction to play:

Instructions: Click to flip the boxes over.