Kite Kittens

In the journey to reach the sky and bring home the items in Kite Kittens, we need a friend to navigate the lovely cats and collect the items alongside them. Will you be the one to control the kittens' kites and have fun in this Gogy free game with them? The rule is very simple yet enough to make the game challenging.

To fly in the sky, you need to keep those kittens' balance on the kite while avoiding the clouds. Clouds will damage the kites, which leads to the cats falling immediately, therefore, pay attention to those obstacles carefully. Flying is one thing, but you shouldn't forget about collecting the delicious red berries to gain high scores.

It's a bit difficult when you haven't get used to the swing of the game at first, but with a bit of practice along with the kitties, you will master it in no time! Seize the opportunity to experience more adventures for free from with the other animals and cute characters right now!

With colorful and bright colors, this game sure is an eye-catching choice for kids of all ages. Are you ready to fly high with your lovely furry friends? Don't forget to explore the new world of games with more choices like Dark Parkour. and Flappy Rocket after you have enough fun with this game! 

Instruction to play:

Drag and move the mouse to control the cats' movement.