Sultan Match

Will you accept the challenge from the genie in Sultan Match and gather the jewels for him? If you manage to complete all the missions, he might even grant your wishes! This is a new matching and connecting game from the list of Gogy 2020, a whole new world of free games without cost that you can dive in for days after days. It has the gameplay of jigsaw and puzzles, all features combined into one gaming selection at once. It might look like any other puzzle game, but there are more added rules after every stage.

This game takes the old 3-matching game up a notch. You can match more than 3 pieces using horizontal, vertical, and even diagonal lines on the board. It's the type of game that requires the players to demonstrate their wits and intelligence in spotting the pattern in a constantly-changing board. Locate choices that can help you connect 3 or more similar pieces within the timeframe. The little running bar on the top of the screen will show the remaining time. Once you make a successful move, the time will be boosted up a bit to give you more chance.

This rule means that you have to match correctly and with lots of pieces to gain more time. There will be a scoreboard that shows the score requirements to pass the stage. Don't let the time run out before the score is met! Items with the same color and symbol can be matched together for a connecting line, but not those with different colors. How many solid lines with more than five pieces can you create? Just like that, they will disappear on their own.

Enjoy the vibrant and colorful graphics and lovely design of the game from our free game collection at

Instruction to play:

Click and drag to move the pieces.