Butterfly Shimai

Butterfly Shimai is the quest where you learn to match the similar-patterned butterfly wings to clear them off the board and gain high scores! This new game from Gogy action games 2023 will be a tough puzzle with scattered butterfly wings as your tokens. These butterfly wings are different in terms of shapes, patterns, sizes, as well as the positions. Your main task in this game will be to concentrate and coordinate to match pairs of similar-themed butterfly wings.

In order to make them disappear from the board, make sure to focus and carry out the task as soon as posisble. Look for the correct path among these available routes and rearrange the order of the wings accordingly. Beware of the other floating wings as they will move without any notice and might block some other butterflies from being matched. Power-ups are limited, but you can utilize them for a few times to search or unblock the tough parts.

The limited use of power-ups might be helpful for the moments when you can't come up with any other solution. Hop into this fabulous 2D game now and generate the best pairs of butterflies with your power! It's all about spotting the pair and match them within the time.

Once all the pairs have been matched, you can move on to the next gaming selection such as Animal Jump to explore other arcade games! A tip in this game is to check the path before choosing any pair. If the route is clear, feel free to advance and gather it. Or else, you will need to prioritize another pair to set up the board wisely. Are you ready to crack the last record of other players in this game from https://gogy.games/?

Instruction to play:

Click the left mouse or tap on two of the same butterflies to match.