Fill The Battery

Connecting the battery case and the source of electricity in this Gogy 2022 new game of Fill The Battery will require your best problem-solving technique, fast eye-hand coordination, and creative thinking. The final goal of all levels in this game is to fill the blank case of battery by connecting the dazzling source to it. In the first few stages, as the layout is simple, you can connect the two items using a simple straight line.

However, as you progress to harder stages, connecting the energy only by using the given items will not be easy. Simply change to placement, rotate the markers, or change the direction of the source to complete the task of connecting on each stage. Hold the placement to charge the battery until it's full, this is when you can move onto the next one. Can you become the most creative player and come up with the best method or route to connect these sources with the scattered batteries to recharge them?

Mirrors and energy teleports are your friends as these are helpful in the task of keeping the grid functional. Refrain from choosing difficult route because the lack of transmission might prevent the battery case from being fully charged. Let's share your strategy and won stages with other friends to see who gets the best method!

This will be perfect to enhance your creative thinking as well as the routine of thinking outside the box for an unexpected results! Control your hand and keep on going with more games from our free gaming list of for a relaxing time daily! Would you like to test out your intelligence and gaming experience with other difficult games such as Christmas Grab Match 3? Spare some time off for a bit of fun and release some steam! 

Instruction to play:

Click the mouse to change the mirrors and items.