Little Broccoli

Little Broccoli brings the thrilling sensation of a new adventure with an endless platform on which your friend - the cute small broccoli is struggling to find the path to overcoming all the obstacles. As the main mission is to make it to the furthest point without failing or hitting any item, you will need to move flexibly and swiftly. Stars are scattered everywhere on your journey to reach the top, so do your best to slide, move, jump in order to gather those shining things.

This Gogy games is different from other ordinary running games in the terms of gameplay. Your broccoli will be running in a rope that can be changed, flipped up and down because it can control and affect the motion of the broccoli. Speed is one of the crucial elements in this running game, however, if you fail to run with precision and carefulness, there are high chances that you will crash or trip!

Moreover, your running speed increases over time, which leads to the need to control the motion wisely. For every 10 points, the players will have to face a new type of challenge of screen changing and environment changing that can lead to new difficult effects. For example, the screen will change the color with a new faded theme to make it harder to navigate and locate the items on the boards.

Will you be able to keep calm to make it through all the tough environments that the game will throw at you? Let's start hitting the game at and keep the fun going with a ton of other options like Among Impostor Mahjong Connect or Europe Soccer Cup 2021! We are desperately looking for the best companion for this little broccoli journey!

Instruction to play:

How to play: Click and use the mouse to navigate and interact.