Save Teddy Bears

Do you know Mr. Bean and his Teddy Bear? Join the Save Teddy Bears game at gogy Games girl and save the falling bears from the sky. How can you participate in this game? How can you save the bears on your game? Pay attention to the color of the bears. Surely you will confuse the two brown in this game because of the light brown color and darker. When you see the bears appear and are about to fall, you need to change the color of the bears below so that they have the same color to align the bears in the correct position.


Because these two colors are almost the same, you need to look closely so that you do not get confused when you arrange them in this game. lead you to the world of Teddy bears and you have the opportunity to help Mr. Bean. He will be very grateful for your actions. The number of bears that you have exactly aligned with the color will be equivalent to the number of points.


If you make a mistake in their colors, the game will end immediately. You can completely share this game with your friends to see who is the final winner with the highest score. The list of top players in the game is constantly updated and you will be at the top of the list by your abilities.


Players can save similar games with this game in your favorite games list today such as Big Big Baller and Loon Ride. Each game is a separate and interesting world that you can hardly miss. Consider the topic and age of the game that you choose to target. You will have great moments of relaxation when participating in that game. 

Instruction to play:

How to play:

Left-click on the screen to change the color of the bear or tab directly to the screen if you play the game on the phone