Photon Path

Create a creative path to help the light shine through the portals in Photon Path, one of the most challenging physics puzzle games for kids from Gogy online! In Photon Path, there is only one goal that you need to accomplish to win the levels one by one. There will be different light sources placed randomly on the grid. Your job is to take advantage of the given mirrors to direct the light in the right direction.

The most important skill required in this game is the physics knowledge to place the mirror in a precise position. In the right place, they will help reflect the light so as to reach the final destination. Of course, it will be easier with a detailed tutorial at the beginning of the game.

The more levels you pass, the harder it will become, so prepare yourself to brainstorm a little bit. The tip to choose the right position for each mirror is to take advantage of the guideline and the grid on the map. They will show you how the light might reflect. But overall, it's up to you to navigate the blazing light and pilot it as you wish.

It's a game where creativity will shine through as the best tool for winning, so don't forget to check out the game for free at! We have more puzzle games that will keep your playtime interesting such as Helix Knife Throw 3D and Forest Mahjong

Instruction to play:

Use the mouse to drag and place the mirror.