Bottle Tap

One of the most famous arcade games from Gogy collection is now available online for free! You can have fun with your friends while taking the turn to flip all the bottles in Bottle Tap, our interesting physics puzzle game. The bottles will be placed at different positions which change due to the difficulty level. Whenever you tap on a bottle, the juice inside will push out.

You can take advantage of the juice flow to collect the floating stars. Since the bottles are placed randomly, you have to make sure that you use your physics knowledge to estimate and push on the right bottles. It takes some thinking to overcome the obstacles and pass more levels.

Not only it is a funny arcade game that comes with the whimsical gameplay for kids but it's also a puzzle game choice that has tons of challenges for you to explore. The longer you play, the more difficulty the layout of bottles will be. Let us give you a tip. Observe the juice flow before choosing to push any bottle since any move you make will change the game.

Try your best to collect all the stars and not leave anything behind. Pay attention to the number of the top of the screen at to keep track of the stars, the bottles and time. Let's see if you can overcome the mind-wrecking puzzle games such as Fall To Rescue and Impossible Bottle Flip

Instruction to play:

Tap on the mobile screen or click to push the bottles.