Ghost Fight Io

Have you ever wondered what life is like as a floating ghost? Dive into this fun io world of Ghost Fight Io to find out the answer! It's an interesting new game with the main theme of a ghost life roaming around a limited map. It's not as harsh as you think it is, except for the task of surviving the bigger ghosts and avoiding the dangers! Have fun with this lovely animated game from Gogy land and share it with your group of friends for a memorable time!

As it's an io game, you can control your ghost character and make it move around the map to search for different objects and items. Moving is one thing, but avoiding the collision with the big guys while consuming those little energy blobs is another hard task. The energy blobs shall be floating around with no rules or patterns, so do your best to chase them and capture as many as possible.

In the battle against the online players in real-time theme and the computers, what strategy will you use to get to the top of the Leaderboard? This game's Leaderboard is filled with the records of players from all around the world, therefore, you need a bit of effort to make your move up the ranking.

Plenty of io games like or Bumper Ball io will easily be your next favorite sets of game as they have similar taste and gameplay, but feel free to roam and take your pick here at! Our gaming world is available for kids regardless of age and gender, with a diverse range of genres for exploration.

Instruction to play:

Use the arrow keys or WASD to move the ghost.

Use the touchpad and drag to move the character on mobiles.