Wrestle Jump 2

If you have enjoyed the original game of Wrestle Jump, this new version will guarantee to bring an even better experience at Gogy game free! This remains a turn-based game with the same rules and movements. However, you can look forward to some twists and updates in the challenges of it. There will be two players going head to head against each other in a match of wrestling.

Your job is to pick the right timing to click your one button and push the opponent to the wall. If you manage to pick the right timing, your opponent's head will knock against the wall, which in turn will defeat him. One knock will not be enough to create a knock-out, therefore, we need you to continue with the work and push a few more times. It might sound simple yet the gameplay itself is hard to master.

After a few turns, you will get a grasp on the movement of each character. A tip for beginners is to know the right timing to pull and push. It's the perfect coordination of hand movements and estimation skills that bring you the victory in these intense matches of wrestling. You can check the remaining amount of energy in each player's bar to keep track of the progress. Push stronger if your character's energy is running out!

What action will you need to secure the winning title in this wrestling championship at gogy at school ? Let's try out more battles with new games like Oil Wrestling  and Wrestle Up later!

Instruction to play:

Control with W and M keys.